Monday, July 28, 2014

The weekend where someone told me I scare the poop out of them... (& that's putting it nicely)

It was a photography weekend for me... that's for sure

Saturday was a wedding.  I've said it before & I'll say it again, weddings are in a world of its own.  If you ever worked a wedding as a photographer, you get it.  If you haven't, you'd really never understand the amount of work in it.

I left my house at 8 am... & I walked in the door at night at 10:30 pm
... & I think we sat down for maybe 30 minutes total the whole day.

here are some highlights of the day

*  They were getting ready at the Marriott in downtown. I hadn't ever been in a hotel for prep work. I LOVED IT!  So many beautiful locations & wonderful lighting in the room.  The hotel had 3 other weddings taking place IN the hotel & 6 other wedding parties prepping in rooms.  My bride wanted to find another bride so badly to take a picture with them.  We did find a group of groomsmen that we saw in the lobby that my bridesmaids & bride took pictures with :) 

This is how I expect the groom to see that picture

* It was supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year with a heat index of like 105.  Honestly, I don't know if it was being in downtown with the wind capturing in between the buildings, but I don't think it was that hot. I mean, it was warm... but it wasn't like 105 hot.  Thank you Jesus.  All the bridal party was so good about the weather too. 

* Chasity was back for her first wedding since becoming a momma.  This was a new experience because she had to plan when she had to pump in between the schedule.  It worked out perfectly.  There is hardly any down time whatsoever in a wedding, but every time we switched from guys to girls or getting ready for the wedding, it was the perfect time for her to run to the bathroom.  I'm so glad that worked out well.  We were also in places that had ice all day to keep her stash fresh & ready to take home to baby. 

Chasity deserves all the high fives

* I literally lived the day on 1 sugar cookie & 5 glasses of lemonade.... & I peed once the entire day.  How unhealthy is that?  There is just no time to stop to eat or drink... & when you don't eat or drink, you don't have to pee.  TMI?  It's just crazy what your body goes through on a wedding day.  I actually got a little dizzy at one point & that's when we got to the venue & they had a fountain machine for drinks. I don't normally drink anything but water or tea, but I needed sugar fast so I downed the lemonade so I didn't pass out while the bride was walking down the aisle.

* Speaking of no drinking or eating... I was so dehydrated on Sunday.  Like, so dehydrated that I could feel the skin on my lips & throat feeling raw.  I think I drank 2 gallons of water Sunday.

* This bride was AMAZINGLY STUNNING... her dress... her veil... her body... she knew how to work it too.  I'm so excited about her pictures.

Look at this dress!!!!

* She wore cowboy boots too... how cute is that?

* I felt so bad for the bride when her flowers arrived.  They were literally DEAD!  I'm not even joking.  Her throw away bouquet was a bunch of wilted, dried up flowers.  The guys boutonnieres were all the same.  I try not to make a big deal about things on a wedding day but when I saw them, I gasped... But HUGE props to the bride. They weren't even the flowers she had ordered.  She wanted peonies & her bouquet even had fake little white flowers you could get at the dollar store.  She was just like, "Whatever" & didn't want to take many pictures with them.  She didn't freak out or even really get upset about it.  That right there is my kind of bride.

This may have been my reaction when I saw the brides flowers

* Having a HUGE bridal party, who is drinking from the start of the day, its very easy to loose control of everyone... so my job is make sure we stay on schedule as close as possible.  We had so many snags that just happen, from ripped dresses, to late makeup, that could have pushed us behind, so I'm Johnny-on-the-spot about 'kindly' pushing people to hurry up, or listen up.  A good loud voice comes in handy.  It was pretty funny when Chasity overheard the best man say, "Man, that photographer lady scares the #@&% out of me"... that made me laugh.  Every time I saw him in the day, he was like, "Yes ma'am.. no ma'am"... he really was the funniest guy.  He told me, "I know I'm your favorite best man ever"... he really was.  I introduced him to Ricky at the end of the night, & he knuckled up to Ricky & told him how scary I am too :) .... don't mess with the wedding photographer

But I say it in a nice way

* I got to ride in the party bus with the bridal party to the venue.  My biggest fear was that I would get motion sickness riding sideways, in the back, with a bunch of people drinking & the smell of alcohol.  I guess it was good I hadn't ate anything all day because I held it together.   It helped that the bridal party was so much fun, they took my mind off of the drive.

* I felt pretty proud of myself, when at the venue, they had some pictures I took of the couple up in HUGE prints ....

* It was so great that one of the bridesmaids was actually one of my past brides.  This bride was actually a bridesmaid in her wedding... the connections you make from weddings is the best.  They are cousins so I got to see some of the family from the first wedding. I love that. I love seeing grandparents again. I always want to run up & hug them.

Photo: Loved getting to be with these ladies all day! I may have to recruit myself as an assistant one weekend just to get even more time with you two!
My previous bride with Chasity (I totally snagged her picture)
... & who is that AMAZING photobomber in the background?....

* On the way home, goodness gracious... the heavens opened.  It rained so hard & the lighting was so intense, we had to pull over & wait under a gas station.  I just thanked Jesus (once again after a hundred times during the day) that we had already gotten all the equipment to the car. I can't imagine being outside trying to load up cameras & lenses in that....

* I slept like a baby Saturday night...

Sunday, I had church & then started to upload my wedding pictures... & then loaded back up the gear & headed out for MORE PICTURES... YAHOO!!!

This was for a baby session.  Goodness gracious.  If all babies were like this, I'd do baby sessions every day.  We literally had this baby laying in a baseball glove & he was like, "Yeah man, whatever"... so precious.

We took pictures over at his grandmother's house - who is also my hair dresser - who is also Chasity's grandmother - who is always my friend... get all that?  So she wanted a picture of all her new babies in her family.  Her 2 grandbabies & her new great grandbaby... so yes, we got 3 babies in a picture.  That was so sweet.  Surround yourself with babies & see if you can even get in a bad mood. Not possible.

I loved it because Miss Em was even in a good mood & not afraid of my camera this time around.  She needs to get used to me being in her face with a camera.  Chasity said if she didn't get used to it, that would be the one thing she would get grounded for :)  A true photographer right there!

Chasity posted this this morning... I love it so much

So I ended up getting home Sunday night about 5:30... & I was beat.  But so happy about how the weekend went.  Lots of happiness & love in front of me.  Can't complain about that.

How was your weekend?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Jolly Ranchers


I haven't had jolly ranchers in forever.  They remind me of my grandmother.  When I was little & I would go to the nursery/kindergarten that my aunt owned & my grandmother worked at, during nap time, she'd take me over to the 5/10 store (which doesn't even exist anymore... I'm old....) & she'd get me watermelon Jolly Ranchers.  When my grandmother passed away, I put watermelon Jolly Ranchers in with her.  Never know how long that trip to heaven is - she may have needed them :)

But can we talk about how horribly disgusting the blue flavored jolly rancher is? 

I tried one the other day & I thought I was going to puke.  The worst part?  The flavor doesn't EVER leave your mouth.  I kept eating everything & drinking everything to get the taste out of my mouth... nope.... that disgusting flavor of death lingers.  Those things should be banned.

2. The Royals

I can't believe that Prince George is 1 year old.  How precious is he?  I think he looks so much like his daddy... & yes, I remember when William turned 1 year old & those photo sessions of him on the lawn with Diana & Charles.  I can never get enough on William, Kate & George.  Such a fairy tale come to life.

I'm also loving the Queen showing a little 'umph' with her photo bombing some selfies.  Good to see she's not 100% stuffy... maybe just 98%?

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

3.   Dolls in your yard?

Dolls Resembling Young Girls Placed Outside Their Homes in California
no no no no no no no no no AND no

Did you hear about the lady in California who was putting porcelain dolls in the front yards of people....

& it gets even worse...

& the dolls look like the little girls that live in the house!!!


I'm sorry - porcelain dolls freak me out anyways.
If I were to walk out & see one on my lawn that looked like me, I'd run inside & never come back out... ever... again...

4.  I'm walking

As of today, I am 9 days of getting over 10,000 steps on my FitBit.
I've become obsessed with trying to hit the 10,000 mark every day & can't believe I've made it 9 days in a row.
I usually leave work at 4:00pm & have only had like 1,500 steps.  That is sad. And so bad for your body to sit like that all day.
So I've been moving every hour at work, adding in more walking at night when my work outs are more strength training, I've been moving...

I'm excited to see how many days in a row I can go.

5. Michael Jackson

I have always been 'iffy' on Michael Jackson's songs, either love them or hate them, but his new one they released, "Love Never Felt so Good" - I so love that song.  It makes me depressed that it's on car commercial though.  So not a Michael Jackson thing to do.
But I think this song reminds me of his old stuff.  It's so catchy.
Plus, Justin Timberlake?
He can never do wrong in my eyes...

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

#ProjectThankful14 .... with a Birthday!!!

Before we even get started on my things I'm thankful for this week, I'll start it off being very thankful for a birthday today...

Mom practicing her duck lips

my Daddy's Birthday!!!!!
& just like I missed Father's Day because I was snapping pictures, I'm going to miss seeing him tonight because I have a wedding rehearsal to go to... so I'll be celebrating with him tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to the first man I ever loved in my life :)
OK... moving on with my #ProjectThankful14
07.17.14 50 years
I feel proud to say my parents have been married 50 years
... good to have someone to grow old with in life...
07.18.14 Chasity is back!!!!
I had an event to photograph & look who was back to assist?
Chasity!  She left Emerson for 2 hours to come help.
I'm sure it was tough for her.  But she's really going to be back this Saturday with the wedding.  That's usually a good 10-12 hour day.
I keep telling her to get a baby carrier & we'll just tote her along with us :)
07.19.14 Favorite Food lately
Toasted Ezekiel Bread, with avocado & tomato?
Yes please... every day
Why didn't I know about this sooner in life?
07.20.14 A Husband who loves animals like I do
Ricky loves his dogs... especially Sydney...
I've seen him walk barefoot onto ice to carry her out to go to the bathroom.
I've seen him carry her up & down the steps a dozen time in an hour because she wants to be with him
I've seen him stay up all night to hand feed her
I've seen him cancel plans so he can make sure Sydney was OK
This picture, Sydney had gone back to the gate to see why the other dogs were barking... she was having a hard time walking back to the house so Ricky went out & brought her back.
... his love for our fur babies is one of the reasons why I love this man...
07.21.14 Birthday Boy
Look who turned ONE YEAR OLD this week!
I can't believe it. 
I told him its time for him to stop tearing things up now
... he laughed & went into ripping that bone apart...
He's got another year of puppy in him.
That's OK... they get old too quick so I'll enjoy every pit of puppy energy he has.
07.22.14 A Study of Justice
This is the first She Reads Truth study where I bought the packet that goes with it.
I have to say, it makes me happy.
It made me excited for the study to kick off this week.
I enjoy the space in it to write for notes & the prayer journal side of it.
I'm really going to have to get more of these for the studies I'm interested in.
07.23.14 Our Fighter
I'm sure I've had this as a Thankful thing throughout the year
... I'll continue to be thankful...
Sydney is such a fighter.  We're getting ready to near 7 months since the diagnosis
... we are valuing every day with her like never before.
She has recently been finding ways to lay with her head propped up.
Whatever works. I'll walk around with a pillow to hold her head up if I have to.
What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Half way there people.. half way there...

1. When I look at the sky I feel _____________________.

.... amazed....

2. If you had to run for political office, which one would you run for? Do you have any real desire to actually do this?

Oh Lordy no... I can't even begin to touch this question..

My reaction to anything political

3. What scent makes you think of home?

Snuggle Fabric Softener...

Know how every home has 'a smell' - like a unique smell.  A smell you don't smell but everyone else does?
It's funny because growing up, my best friends house always smelled like hair spray (hello 3 teenage girls living there!)... & she always said my house smelled like Snuggle Fabric softener.  So now, when I use it on my own clothes, it makes me think of home.

Fun fact - my grandma's house always smelt like corn on the cob... don't ask me why...

4. How often do you take a step back to think about where you're headed in life? Do you need more or less self-reflection?

Every day of my life... I totally need less self-reflection.  I worry too much about where life is headed.  Is that a good thing I do that or a bad thing?  Is that going to lead me to having an ulcer?  Is it going to mess me up in the future?



5. July is National Ice Cream Month...besides a cone, what's your favorite food item to top with ice cream?

I'm not a big ice cream fan... but I'll go with the basic chocolate... & caramel... & cherries.

OK - I may not be a ice cream fan, but I guess I'm a sundae fan

6. What might your autobiography be called?

Life After the Movie (The True Story of Belle)

7. Your least favorite mode of transportation? Why?

Planes!!!! .... Nothing else gives me diarrhea more in life....

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I know I keep posting it on Facebook & Twitter... but just in case that one person hasn't seen it... have you checked out Steven Curtis Chapman's new video for "Glorious Unfolding"?  It's fantastic... this really is one of my favorite songs he's ever done.  I have watched it over & over.  there are 44,242 views so far on the video on YouTube... I'm probably 41,238 of them :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life in 6 words....

I always loved 6 word Saturday... describing your life or day in 6 words.
So I figured it'd be fun to do every now & then just for a life update...
Let's see how hard this will be... this may be the last post like this :)
Harvey is one year old now
Gearing up for a wedding weekend
Excited to start Bible Study today
Justice //
My laundry pile wont stop growing
Ricky cleaned the flower beds out
Completed 1 week of 10,000 steps
House of Cards Season one ... done
Orange is the New Black next
Dad's birthday is in 2 days
I want to go to Disney World
Dreamt I was in Broadway's Aladdin
Summer heat and humidity is back
Can't believe half way to Christmas
This post makes your mind work
& BAM!! That is 6 words too! :)
How is your life going lately?
Tell me in six words... please
(See what I did there?)

Monday, July 21, 2014

The weekend that had me playing Rummy for hours....

This was a busy weekend that actually had bouts of slowness... yahoo!  I think this may be the last weekend for me to do that until November... so yeah, I took advantage of it.

Friday had me with a camera in my hand.  Doing photos on a Friday REALLY messed me up. I was a day off the rest of the weekend.  I kept thinking Saturday was Sunday.  But the best part of Friday's session?  Chasity was back.  Can I get a Whoop whoop!

It was actually an event to photograph, which I love!  I think people forget when there's a function happening, you forget to take pictures because you're too busy taking care of everything.  & then with guests, who wants to worry about pictures.  So enter us & we'll take care of it for you. 

This was one even the coolest because it was a 10th anniversary of a Pet Insurance company & they encouraged policy holders & employees to bring their pets with them. Photos AND pets around?  Best gig ever.

Is this dog smiling at me?

I got home & had drank an iced coffee going to the event... well, I was wide awake all night.  I was on full edit mode.  Nothing like editing at 1 am ... I felt like a crazy teenager or something.

Saturday, we had plans to go celebrate with Ricky's family for my mother in law's birthday.  Ricky got the time wrong & we headed over that way about 2 hours too early, so what do we do?  We go shopping in some of the stores that we used to shop in every week when we lived out that way.  Whhhooooo... talk about a time warp feeling. 

Going back & seeing things where you used to live & how they change is freaky... seeing how things stay exactly the same as 15 years ago?  that's even more freaky...

I did find a new store out that way though that wasn't there when we lived out there & it had thousands of books in it.  Ricky finally just left me there & went to another store.  I can get lost in books for hours if you let me.

We headed over to my sister in laws & the gang all was there...

it was such a beautiful day for July.  The breeze actually would get cool at times.  I'll say it again, Summer Vortex, you are my best friend of summer.

Ricky ended up doing what he does best when he gets with this gang - play corn hole. 

I'm good at other games, so break out a deck of cards.  Me, 2 of my sister in laws, 1 of my brother in laws & my 13 yr old niece decided to play Rummy.  Now, let me tell you, teaching a 13 yr old to play Rummy is just interesting.  You forget how complicated a game can be when you've played it for years... & then having to explain how it works.  I was impressed how fast she caught on.  & by the end of it, she was saying, "THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME EVER"

It was the craziest game though too because I guess playing with 5 people changes things up.  We kept running out of cards in the 'draw' pile.  &  kept running into situations none of us had ever run across in some of our 30+ years of playing Rummy.  I'm a big fan of making up my own rules when need be.

In the end, I was the winner!  YES!  I never win playing Ricky so I felt like a champ walking away with the win.  My niece wanted to play another round, but I knew better. My momma taught me to walk away a winner :)

Sunday had me up to teach in Merge about dating & love story... how each person you date, you crush on, who breaks your heart, they all are part of your story, having the power to change the person you become... deep subject.

We started off with a game that had the boys come up with questions for the girls they didn't think they would know... & vice versa.  The boys had us when their first question was, Who is the quarterback for the 49'ers?  I totally showed my age when I was like, Joe Montana....  At least the girls got in a question about Vampire Diaries that stumped the boys. 

I had left for church without my iced coffee & goodness gracious - I now see I'm fully 100% addicted.  I was a slug the whole afternoon. Driving home from doing some chores, I honestly didn't think I could hold my eyes open.  I got home, laid on the couch, still in my skirt, & I fell asleep. I NEVER NAP.  I HATE NAPPING!  Let me rephrase. I don't mind resting, or getting in a quick snooze.  But those deep naps?  They mess me up...

I woke up feeling so funny & "off" the rest of the day...


Lesson learned... keep an iced coffee IV drip nearby at all times.

So all in all, it was a great weekend ... no complaints... except that dang nap... but now I know .. & knowing is half of the battle.

I GOTTA find this shirt for Ricky!!!!!

How was your weekend?