Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday

ONE // Never eat licorice ... EVER

Last night, I got my Influenster box in & was excited to see a bag of Red Vines licorice in it. I haven't had licorice forever... & now I remember why.  I ate a couple of pieces.  Yummy.  Grabbed another piece & ate it & then... what's that?  That doesn't feel right.
Yeah... my cap on my tooth came off.  Are you freaking kidding me?    Yeah, that's why I don't eat licorice.
Luckily - its on a root canal tooth so I don't have pain.  But you know when you have something wrong with your teeth how your whole mouth feels 'off'?  I literally just took a shower & went to bed so I didn't have to deal with anything the rest of the night.

PS - if y'all can lift a prayer about this.  I have the crown so I'm hoping they can just glue it back on & all be well & done.  I'm afraid they'll want to make a new one (hello Mr. No Cash with the holidays anyways) or I'm afraid there is a problem because this is the 3rd time this crown has come off.  My biggest fear is needing a tooth pulled.  & with the little tiny crown piece left, that would mean they would have to cut it out. ... I just got woozy... so just pray that they glue it on & I'm on my merry way this afternoon.

TWO // Clorax Disinfecting Wipes

The thing is, I don't carry the travel 9 pack
I carry the full on 34 pack :)

Cold & Flu season... I have taken my germaphobe to a new level.  I am carrying these in my purse now.  When we go out to a restaurant, I pull one out, wipe down the table & especially wipe down the salt & pepper shakers.  Do you know that's one of the germiest places in a restaurant?  Think how many hands are on that? ... Ricky & I laugh because when I use it, our table smells so fresh & clean.  The only problem is now, I'll never be able to go back to a small purse.  Next thing you know, I'll be carrying a back pack with all the round containers of wipes... (don't give me ideas)...

THREE // The Sisterhood

Did anyone else watch that show on Lifetime?  It was about 5 girls who were discerning about becoming nuns.  It was quite interesting to me.  I don't quite understand the Catholic lifestyle & why they do some of the things they do, but I just loved every Sister that was on the show.  The one in the picture above was by far my favorite.  You could totally tell which one of these girls were going to stick with the idea of becoming a nun from the first episode too... but this show had me coming back every week.  I loved that they went to a convent in Kentucky & all the girls were like, "Kentucky?  Nothing is in Kentucky..." & they were scared to death.  Ends up, one of them loved it so much, they are starting the process of joining that convent.  I think there is going to be another season next year on this... I'll be setting my DVR.

FOUR // The Interview

Man, this whole movie has turned into a big deal...
All I can think is, is it really that big of a loss that this movie didn't make it in the theaters? ... I think we're all better off for it :)
I will say, when I heard threats of theaters that were showing it, I told my husband, "We're not going to the movies to see anything"... people are crazy anymore.  Turn on the news.  See the crazy.  I wasn't taking chances.  So I kind of respect Sony for pulling the movie.  What if something DID happen?
... but I also get the uproar about it.  I think it hit me even more when Jimmy Kimmel said, "Don't people in our country die for the right of our freedom to watch what we want?"... ouch.  That's truth right there.
I think this is more attention then Seth Rogen & James Franco would have ever gotten if this movie just came out with no big hubbub...

FIVE // Survivor

I still love this stinkin' show!!!  Hasn't it been on for like 50 years now?  ....I love when people are sneaking & make big moves.  I was so rooting for Keith this year & he was one stupid immunity away from making it to the finals.  He would have won too if he made it.  Poor guy. When they talked to him at the reunion & he got teary eyed, it made me teary eyed!  I wasn't thrilled with the winner this year, but she did deserve it.  I can't wait for next year!  They are putting Blue Collar vs White Collar vs No Collar people.  Business men against hard workers against free spirits.  I still am trying to figure what category I would fit in.  Is there a Pink Collar? 

Hope you all have a great Friday!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Time to do a brain dump about Christmas... which is a week away....

I know!! ... me too!

... our work doesn't have a Christmas party anymore. We used to have a big banquet sort of thing that even involved awards & a year end sort of hurrah.  Then it went down to a cook out type thing at work where there was a tent & food all day & giveaways... & then it went down to a few people bringing in food for lunch.  Now, its nothing.  I'll put gifts in a few coworkers bins, but that's it.  #bahhumbug

... even though I am 42 yrs old & know there are no gifts magically appearing under my tree on Christmas morning, I still wake up early in my bed with that excited feeling.  #nevertooold

... I keep seeing post after post after post of people in my area that has the flu, or their kids are throwing up & the flu is taking over their homes... I'm freaking out.  2 years ago, my brother & the twins had the flu & I was sitting in the corner of my mom's house with my face covered 90% of the time. I'm scared the flu is going to hit again.  Can't the flu wait until after the holidays?  #badtimingflu

... I am still not finished shopping #tillthelastminute

... I want to bake cookies.  Or do some sort of cute Pinterest food thing.  But who am I kidding?  Give me the cookies you slice & bake... #aintnobodygottimeforthat

... I don't understand how some of you get that really beautiful icing that is perfect on the edges. #iamnotmarthastewart

... I'm trying to find a church for a Christmas Eve service.  Ours used to have a late night service & we always loved going to it. It was so beautiful with candles & sweet Christmas songs.  They don't do it anymore.  So I'm trying to find one that fits our work schedule & last minute shopping.  #celebratebabyjesus

... I need to order my Happy Birthday Jesus birthday cake.  It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions #alwayscake

...This is a shocking confession... I've never seen The Polar Express... I know!  I know!  Everyone says how good it is.  We just never watched it.  Something about those sort of animated computer cartoons freak me out.   #creepytomhanks

... It goes without saying that Elf is my favorite Christmas movie, but one of my old time favorite Christmas movies that Ricky & I both love... Scrooged with Bill Murray.  We haven't watched that in awhile.  We just bought the DVD & I have it sitting on my entertainment center.  It's going to be a must to watch on Christmas.  #putalittleloveinyourheart

... Ricky & I have been trying to find a good Christmas tradition for us to do on Christmas morning since we don't have kids rummaging through packages.  The past few years, we've worked puzzles together watching Christmas movies.  This year?  We bought a new Xbox Kinect game to play... get ready for this one.  It's a country dancing game.  We got it solely for the joke in it.  Country music.  Us?  I may even put on cowgirl boots & a hat & have a ho-down-Christmas.  #mydadwillbeproud

... they're saying we may actually have a chance for snow on Christmas Eve.  I don't care for snow, but on Christmas?  I don't mind #whitechristmas

... I think it should be against the law that anyone has to work the day after Christmas.  Especially ESPECIALLY when its on a Friday.  #depressingworkday

... I got some of those Christmas PJ's from Target that you are seeing everywhere - those Elf looking ones... I have put off wearing them until Christmas Eve.  I keep seeing everyone taking pictures wearing them.  I'm thinking that everyone is ruining it... new Christmas PJ's are for Christmas Eve people!  Don't you know the Christmas PJ Rule? #freshforsanta

... we have Harvey Dent one of those HUGE rawhide bones for Christmas.  It's hidden in a room & he goes to the area & smells it every day.  I think Ricky & I are more excited about giving that to him then any gift we have for anyone else.  Ricky says it will take him at least a few weeks to eat it all... I give him 2, maybe 3 days #dogslovechristmastoo

We bet that Zoe will try to take the big bone away from Harvey
... & it will look something like this...

... I saw McDonalds is open on Christmas.  At least I know where I can go get my iced coffee if I need to. #christmascoffee

So what's on your mind about Christmas?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This pain in my side is really a pain in my butt....

So... remember when I went to the Emergency Room 2 weeks ago for pain in my side?

Yeah... it's still there. 

& I did have a doctor's appointment, but it wasn't until December 19th.  Last week, I couldn't stand it anymore. I think it was just as mental as it was physical pain.  So I called my doctor's office & asked if there were any cancellations or any way they could get me in earlier. 

They told me they just got a new doctor in the practice 2 weeks ago & if I wanted to see her, I could get in that day.  Let's do it. I'm not picky.  (We know that's a lie, but we'll go with it for now)

First, let it be known - as a confessed germaphobe, I dreaded going to a doctor's office during cold & flu season.  I am thankful that my doctor doesn't ever over book patients - which I guess is why it takes 3 weeks to get in to see her.  There was only 1 other person in the room & I scoped her out to make sure she wasn't horribly sick.  She seemed to just be there for a check up - all the nurses knew her.  She was an older lady.  My guard is up in a doctor's office....but know that I still walk in with hand sanitizer in my pocket, & I have my own pen in hand so I don't have to use theirs when filling out paper work.

There's your health tip of the day... always carry your own pen.

I was a nervous wreck waiting for the doctor to come in, which was evident by my blood pressure that was like 144/85... my normal blood pressure is like 105/50 - so I was pretty much at stroke level for me.

She came in & I told her about my side pain & how it was still there. 

We ran through all the questions... & once again, it freaked me out because everything she was asking was about liver and / or pancreas. 

I told her she was freaking me out... let's not take my blood pressure again or it may pop.

The whole time we're talking, I would have to cough.  She asked me if I had been sick with a cold or cough.

Well, the OCD person I am when it comes to health, I have in my Kate Spade Planner a place that I created for a health journal & looking back, yes, I did have a sinus thing the week before my pain started... & yes, I was coughing like a choking animal.  I think I even mentioned that on here before - my cough was awful... & it just wouldn't go away.  I still to this day have a little bit of a dry cough happening.

Side note - if you're going to be an OCD freak, at least do it in style with a Kate Spade Planner...

How I felt going over my health journal with the doctor
... do it in style...

The doctor then laid me on my back & felt around.... DANNNNGGGGGGG!!!!

She brought me off the table pushing on my ribs... like the ER doctor did.

She told me it indeed did seem like a muscle skeletal thing like the ER doctor said it was.   This time, I made her explain that to me.... because the ER doc told me, "Its muscle skeletal... bye"... & I was too doped up on morphine to ask what that meant.

She said that at first she thought it was pleurisy the way it hurt... but its right under my lungs ... its those muscles that are attached to my ribs.  That means that every time I breath, my ribs contract & expand (hello 5th grade health class) & those muscles are attached to them, moving every time.  Because of that, she said it will take longer to heal up.  She gave me the same idea of a sprained ankle.  If you walk on it, it takes longer to heal up because you have to use it.  This is what is happening with my side.

Onto a strong anti-inflammatory I go... which is a whole other story.  I just can't tolerate medicine & have been on it for 5 days & I'm not sure how much more I can take... ugh...

but since I was there, I asked her to go over my lab results from the ER since I learned nothing there.  If I'm going to owe a few thousand dollars for getting tests done there, I want to know what they all meant.

That sweet doctor took the time to get it all & went through everything.  & I was so relieved.  She told me that my pancreas levels looked great, that my blood looked a little anemic (always has - always will) & that my liver enzymes were wonderfully low.  She even said that people that have extra fat around their middle (cough cough) typically have a fatty liver & that she was impressed that my liver didn't even show signs of that...

I told her that with family history of pancreas problems & fear of liver problems, I felt like hearing all of this was a miracle... & I actually started tearing up.  I told the doctor I just wanted to hug her.   Bless her heart - she took off her stethoscope & gave me the biggest hug....

I now want her to be my doctor all the time.  A hugging doctor that takes the time to sit & talk with you?... I just feel like God had me get moved to her for a reason...

On a side note... she did tell me that she couldn't believe the increase in pancreas cancer.  She said she used to see maybe 1 a year, but now its more  like 1 a month.  Her words were, "Someone needs to find out what is causing this to rise.  Something is happening to cause such an extreme increase in this cancer"

.... OH MERCY... I'm now on the hunt for good cleansing foods for the pancreas & will be eating them every day....

So here I am... basically where I was... but knowing more... I think?

My side does still hurt off & on.  She told me to take these anti-inflammatories for 2 weeks & if its not any better, come back & they'll do an ultrasound.... so lift a prayer that by New Years, I'll be pain free...

... oh, who am I kidding? I'll never be pain free.  Let's just pray THIS pain is gone

Do you like your doctor?
Ever pulled a muscle coughing?
Can you tolerate medicine?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas in our house....

I'm excited to join in with the awesome ladies that have hosted the Holiday series through October, November & here we are... Christmas...

So sit back & enjoy a little look at our Christmas decoration... where we love everything Disney...


Before we get started... can we stop & look at how much of a difference there is in Harvey Dent from last year to this year?
Babies grow fast, don't they?

Oh the difference a year makes.....

On the flip side, we're sad we are missing our Sydney at Christmas.  She knew all about her stocking & waited for her treat from Santa.  Christmas morning won't be the same without our old girl...
But back to the tour....
I love sitting in my living room during Christmas.  It just has the most beautiful glow to it & it just feels cozy.  This is where you'll find me knitting or reading most nights during December.

We love all things Disney.  We had our first tree when we were married as a Santa tree. All the ornaments were Santa doing different things.  I really loved that tree - it was all red & white with the coolest Santa's - but we slowly turned to what we think is the happiest thing in the world.  Mickey & his gang...

We started buying ornaments from the Disney Store & when we went to Disney World in 2000, we started stocking up on the goodies.  That's really when we made the switch.  Ever since then, we make a trip to the Disney store & see what the newest ornaments are, & we get excited about what Hallmark puts out.  This year, they have a new Belle ornament that Ricky got me... & we're still on the hunt for an Olaf ornament.

Got Jimney at Disney World
There's something about Disney that just fits with Christmas.  I mean, its the season to feel like a kid again & all things Disney do the same...

These are our new pieces of 2014.  The lights actually light up.  Can I keep them up all year long?

One of our stocking holders.... vintage Mickey

I do love our stockings though.  Perfectly describes Ricky & me... I have a Princess Belle stocking & I got Ricky his stocking a few years back.  A signed Paul Stanley KISS stocking.  We let his stocking slide out of the Disney d├ęcor.  It makes us both happy so it wins a pass.

I love the little details that are around our house.  The little Mickey's & Disney touches.  My sister in law got us this Mickey about 5 years ago & its still one of my favorite things ever.  He's got really heavy shoes... isn't he the cutest?

One of my favorite snow globe too.  The water has started to drain a little bit out of it but luckily the Christmas tree on top covers it up.  Pluto hangs out of the trunk in the back of it & it plays Christmas songs.

We also got this Christmas tree from Disney World years ago.  I love the tiny ornaments on it.  It reminds me of those old fashion Christmas trees with the lights in them that are vintage 70's...

If you want to see all of our Disney ornaments, you can check out my Instagram. I've been trying to post a new ornament every day.  I love all of our Disney ornaments. I do have a love for all my Beauty & The Beast ornaments.  (Fun Fact - I used to have a Beauty & the Beast tree.  Ricky used to have a Super Hero tree as well. I am not super woman. We toned it down to one tree)

& as much as we love Disney... we remember what the holidays are all about.
The birth of our Savior....

We got a new nativity set at the end of Christmas last year.  A Precious Moments one from Hallmark... for like 90% off.  I love it.  Something about Precious Moments is just, well, precious to me.  I still love my other nativity sets as well. 

My parents got me this print a few years ago & this has become one of my favorite Christmas items in my house...
The way Santa is looking at Baby Jesus... melt my heart...

... & all our ornaments are Disney... except one
The one in the front & center of our tree

It will always have front & center on our tree...
even over all the Mickey ornaments... even over all the Beauty & the Beast ornaments.
Nothing is more important during this Season.
Praying that this Christmas Season you have Jesus front & center of your Holidays

Monday, December 15, 2014

The weekend I sat on hold for almost 3 hours...

Another weekend... can you all believe we are nearing the end of the year? 
I'm about ready to get rid of 2014 - that's for sure. It hasn't been the best.
But another weekend whizzed right by... (& now I'm afraid of what kind of traffic I'll get to my blog using the word "Whizzed")...
Here's a quick glance of my weekend

... Went to the doctor on Friday about my pain in my side. I'll do a post on it tomorrow.  Preview:  I'm going to live.  At least I woke up today. That's all anyone can ask for, amen?

... If you follow me on Instagram, you all know what I did on Friday.  Held on the phone with the health insurance company FOR-EV-ER!!!  I was bored doing it so I made little videos on Instagram showing how Harvey felt about it - how Bruno felt about it... & the miracle of all - I had my phone recording when they answered... I felt like I ran a marathon.

wait time
This is near my half marathon time
... I'd rather have been out running... with a painful side

... All that waiting?  & the woman was USELESS.  & MEAN!  She yelled at me. Seriously, yelled at me.  I told her my card wasn't right & it should show I pay a copayment for a doctor's visit - her words to me were, "Why would you want to pay a co-payment.  Isn't it better you don't?"... I asked her if she really thought 10% of my deductible would be a better choice, as it shows on my card.  This woman didn't have a clue what she was talking about.  Finally, after about 20 minutes of her yelling & saying, "We were supposed to be out of here by 7 & we're all still here because people are still calling in" (really?) I told her, "Ma'am - I have been on this phone for 2 & a half hours - I'm frustrated to. Let's just try to figure this out together"... she FLIPPED OUT ON ME.  I just had to laugh. In the end, I found nothing out.  It was a waste of my time. .... & the funniest part, when the call was over, I stayed on to hear & she said goodbye & then I heard, "If they don't let us get out of here soon, I'm going to loose my mind.  This place is hell"... someone was having a bad day.

... Ricky had to work on Saturday. That usually means I get my house cleaned.  Not this time.  It meant I got some wrapping done.

... it also meant I slept.  I was so mad because I woke up with him at 5:30 & couldn't go back to sleep.  So I had breakfast, got some things done ... & then around 8, I fell asleep again. I never do that.  I slept until 10:30.  I felt so guilty telling Ricky who was working out in the cold. 

... I found out later that my new anti-inflammatory medicine causes drowsiness.  I don't handle medicine well.  I'll probably be in a coma like state for the next few days.

... Got to watch Women of the Bible on Lifetime... loved it.  That was the fastest 2 hours. I wanted more.  I still have to watch The Red Tent. I loved that book.

... Watched all sorts of Christmas movies on ABC Family.  Usually love every movie on there, except I watched Prancer (never saw it before) & feel like that's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.  That girl in the movie was so whiney, I thought if I heard her cry one more time, I was going to throw my roll of tape through the TV.  & Sam Elliot, who has always been my man-crush is in it... but he's a jerk the whole movie.  Just ban this movie.

I prefer a smiling happy Sam Elliot

... I still honestly love Home Alone 3... most sequels are stupid.  Especially the more you get out in the number.  Example:  Jurassic Park 23 ... but if you haven't seen this movie, it really is so cute.  & I was shocked to see a young Scarlett Johansson as the sister.

... We had our youth Christmas Party.  These kids are just so much fun.  People who are willing to have others build a gingerbread house on their face?  They are my kinda people.

... White Elephant Gift exchange with teenagers can be scary.  I'll just say, Ricky came home with a jar full of organs. Granted, they were fake organs.  But they look very real. 

... I fell asleep with a towel on my head Saturday night.  Woke up with my hair all sorts of crazy... & can't find the towel.  What the hey?  Did I eat it in my sleep?  Did Harvey Dent eat it?  A mystery now needs solved.

... I so love small group with the youth kids.  We hardly ever stay on topic, we always end up talking about the funniest things, & we learn WAY too much about each other... exactly what I think middle school small group should be.

... Ricky & I were on a mission to get Christmas shopping done after church.  We were out for about 7 hours...  & I think I only marked 2 people off my list.  Help me Baby Jesus. Time is ticking away.

... My home looks like a disaster hit a disaster.  Tis the season.
So how was your weekend?
Is your house a wrapping nightmare?
Do you have a jar of organs sitting around your home?