Friday, August 22, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Ironman Louisville

It's Iron Weekend here & I get so excited.  I will probably never in my life do an Ironman (notice how I say 'probably'? - you never know what could lay ahead...) but I can help out at Ironman & that is exactly what I'm doing Sunday.... in 98 degree heat.  Oh sweet Lord.  If these amazing people can do 140.6 miles in that temperature, I can help them out!  I'm going to be working in the women's tent & CANT.WAIT!  I get to actually talk to the athletes & encourage them one on one this year instead of screaming from the side lines..... & the one reason why I do most things... I get an Ironman Volunteer T-shirt! I'm going to wear it like a medal myself!

PS... pray for these athletes.  No joke. The temps are going to be ridiculous. The hottest day we've had here all year... I get nervous for these strangers.

2. Jersey Belle

Anyone else watching this on Bravo?  I am loving it.  I think its funny how this "Jersey girl" is adapting to the South, but what I find so funny is while I guess I can be considered a Southern Girl (is Kentucky considered South?... we're kinda middle, but people consider us the country bumpkin's of the US... anyhoo....) & I feel like I relate to her more then anything.  She's loud.  She says what she thinks.  Her friends are constantly saying "you can't say that'... maybe I just relate because it has the word BELLE in it... ya think?  Or should I say, "Y'all think?" :)

& is it me or does that 2nd girl on the end from the right remind you of the girl from 30 rock?  Or a blonder, tanner Lauren Conrad?

See the resemblance?

3. Veggetti


I want one of these babies.
I keep seeing all these recipes on Pinterest & on health food sites that make all these pasta dishes with zucchini .... I want to try it so bad.
I think I saw it at Walgreens the other day. I need to make the splurge & give it a try.
I did see a more 'solid' looking one on Amazon the other day.  It's in my wish list. 
Anyone do this with zucchini?  Is it worth the investment in a good machine?

4.  Microwave Disaster


So.... I messed up....
Wednesday, I went to turn the timer on the microwave.  It's louder then the one on the oven.  I didn't realize I turned the actual microwave on with nothing inside.  It ran for about 7 minutes.
It fried up.
We're lucky it didn't catch on fire.  I'm lucky it didn't catch on fire. I'm already in the dog house for burning up our microwave.
Ricky says I did it on purpose because I've been wanting a new microwave & oven.
I mean, you cant get a new microwave without a matching oven - right?
.... Day 1 & I already needed to use the microwave at least 3 times...
how did people live before these things?

5.  All About That Bass

I am  so in love with this song right now.  It makes me want to get up & dance every time I hear it.  Makes me want to do some sort of mashed potato or twist dance.  Hello 50's.

Side Note: Why does every song have to have curse words in them now. I value the clean radio versions... but no video for it is out yet... so excuse the few bomb-droppers in the video.  Just dance away & ignore the bad words.  Focus on the message.  You're beautiful from the bottom to the top.

Dance into the weekend!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


"I am thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn't have stumbled upon my strength"
~ Alexandra Elle
08.14.14 A hidden find
I found this DVD in my pile & never realized I had never done it.
It really is one of my favorites now.  A sweat fest.
& I just love Bob ... without his weird 70's moustache.
08.15.14 Ice Packs
Bicep Tendonitis totally & royally bites.
I'm thankful for my ice pack that numbs me up for a little bit for some sort of relief.
Some days, the thought of them cutting that tendon doesn't seem that bad.
08.16.14 Returning Clients
This was the 3rd year I got to see this family... & love they had a new addition!
I think we spent more time talking & catching up then taking pictures.  I honestly was so looking forward to seeing them all & meeting this little man.  He's already a pro in front of my camera too. 
(I'll post 'real' pics when I finish up)
08.17.14 Wolverine is mine!!!
Love my shirt my hubs got me.
He surprised me with it & said, "I give up trying to fight your obsession with Wolverine"... he secretly means Hugh Jackman
... we also had that conversation about Steven Curtis Chapman...
& yes, he has bought me many SCC shirts through the years too
08.18.14 Beauty & The Beast makes me smile
It's no secret I'm slightly obsessed with Beauty & the Beast.
But I was thankful on this day when I realized I love looking over from my computer & seeing some of my favorite B&B things that just make me smile.
.... & instantly put the movie's songs in my head....
08.19.14 Hello Running my old friend
I'm always working out every day, but today had me actually running again.
Abet, slowly... & weirdly... trying to make sure the knee stays not completely straight & leaning to my right side... but I did it.
& looking forward to trying to build up some miles again.
I miss my daily 5 mile runs.
08.20.14 Lysa TerKeurst was here
Not only did I get tweeted by two celebs, the thought that Lysa TerKeurst was here on my blog, reading it ... & said "So good!" .... let me fangirl for a second & scream!
I need to create a button that says "Lysa TerKeurst was here"
What are you THANKFUL for this week?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Humpday Confessions: The Fair

Vodka and Soda

It's Humpday - a day perfect to get things off your chest

Since the Kentucky State Fair is happening I thought I would confess some things about the fair this week....

I confess....

.... I don't trust the rides at the fair.  Have you ever seen them riding down the road on the back of trucks?  They look like rusted pieces of junk. & they put those babies up in like 10 minutes.  No thanks.

.... I don't like rides anyways.  Motion sickness always wins.  Heck, I get dizzy & nauseated WATCHING people on rides.

.... Why does everyone always want the biggest stuffed animal as the prize, when they are the ugliest & cheapest things ever?

.... Being a vegetarian & someone who tries to eat healthy, its harder then heck to find something to eat around the fair.  Everything is fried.  I mean, normal things that are never supposed to be fried, are fried. 

.... who even thought of a hamburger on a donut?  Someone who wants to people to have heart attacks?

... why does a bottle water have to cost so much at the fair?  Does it have unicorn tears in it?

... The highlight of food for me at the fair is the roasted corn on the cob... & I don't even LIKE corn on the cob that much. 

.... At the fair about 5 years ago started my trip into being a vegetarian.  There was a momma pig laying in the kid's area with about 10 baby pigs nursing on her.  It was the sweetest thing.  From that moment on, I never ate pork.  It was only a few months later I cut out the rest of the meat. 

.... Cows eyes are so beautiful up close.  Look at those lashes. 

.... I am the nerd that only likes to go to the fair so I can see the art area.  All the drawings & especially the photography exhibit.  I literally can spend HOURS looking at all the pictures.  & then I get mad that I never entered any of my pictures.

.... I also spend a lot of time looking at the knitting area in the craft exhibit.

.... No, I'm not 98 years old

.... I always love they have a night for a free concert for Christian music. I just always hate its on a Monday.   First of all, free isn't 'free' ... it costs like $40 to get in (thank you insane parking prices) & then you have to work on Monday so its not like you can get there & enjoy the fair.  Its getting there just in time to get a seat for the concert, & then you have to leave right after because it takes us 45 minutes to get home & we have to work the next day.  It's rare we make it to the concert.  Boo.

.... I do make it any time Steven Curtis Chapman is there though.

From the fair in 2005

.... One of the best memories was when I took the girls from my small group to see Jeremy Camp for the concert.  I was talking with one of the girls, not paying any attention to what was happening.  We got to laughing.  I laugh LOUD... & then notice everyone turning & looking at us.  That's when the other girls were like, "He was talking about his wife dying & you started laughing".... OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!  (That embarrassing event wasn't the best memory - just taking the girls was the best memory... let's get that straight)

.... You really see about every kind of people at the fair, don't you?  People watching can be a sport there.

.... There is a huge 'man' that sits at the front of the fair.  Freddy Farm Bureau is his name. As a kid, I thought he was HUGE!  A monster.  There is a guy that sits at the top of the building behind it & he can see you, & he talks to the kids.  As a child, you really thought he was talking to you. I seriously had nightmares as a kid.  Going back now as an adult, its crazy how small this thing looks.  Though the freaky continues.  We took the G-boys to the fair last year & introduced Isaac to Freddy... Isaac wasn't too keen about him. I get it.

... You always see someone you know at the fair... that can be good.  That can be bad.

.... One year Ricky & I went & sat through all the little 'shows' they had.  Most of them were so corny, but we had so much fun sitting & laughing at all the corny of the day. 

.... When I was young, the fair was the cool thing to do.  Just hang out on the main strip, find all your friends & just hang out.  So pretty much what you did any other night, except having to pay lots of money to get in to do it.

.... Ricky & I had extra tickets left over one time & we just were trying to get rid of them so we went through one of the areas where you see the 'strange things'... we went & saw "The Smallest Woman in the world".... We paid our ticket, walked in & saw this tiny tiny TINY lady sitting in this little caged area.  No AC - just a fan blowing on her. She looked so miserable.  I tried talking to her & she just looked so freaking sad.  & kids were coming in & pointing at her & laughing & making fun of her. I literally left crying my eyes out & so mad that something like this existed.  I'm still disturbed about it.

.... I learned early to stay away from the beer tent.  Crazy happens around there.

.... Always know the bathroom stalls are going to be disgusting & they are going to be out of toilet paper...

.... Be prepared to have sore achy feet at the end of the day

Do you like the fair?
What's your favorite 'fair food'?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is it OK to say no?

If you know me, you know the words "overwhelmed schedule" is part of my life.  It's more then a part... its a LOT of my life.

I saw that quote above & instantly was on the hunt for this book.  I've got it ordered & it should be here any day. I can't wait.  I love Lysa Terkeurst so much anyways.

Why am I so busy?  Well, for starters, I do work a full time job... & I do my photography.

It's crazy how things work out.  I have always loved taking pictures - have always been obsessed with pictures.  I have had cameras in my hands at all times growing up.  Even the ones with the twist bulb flashes.... & I thought Polaroid instant developing pictures were like the most futuristic thing that was ever invented. 

I can remember going to the little Kodak stores that sat individual in front of our grocery story.  Asking the lady for certain film to go inside of the cheap camera I would get for Christmas.  You don't give a 10 yr old anything but a cheap camera.

Anyone else remember these things?

It had a drive through & when they would hand out the package that had developed pictures in it, it was like Christmas morning, every time.

& then it was always the worse when you paid for a package of 36 pictures & you see that only 2 or 3 are good pictures....

I always say I was the person that when someone would say, "Want to see our vacation photos?"... I was jumping with excitement while others would be groaning.

So it has been the biggest blessing to start taking pictures myself, getting more advanced cameras, learning techniques, learning the editing process.... pictures have come a long way - that's for sure....

People ask me when will I make that my full time job.  Oh my - wouldn't that be the  dream.  I just read the book, "Let's all be Brave" & the whole time, I'm thinking, does God want me to step out into this & do this full time?  But I have a full time job.  & granted, it does get on my nerves some day, & I kick & scream when I have to get up at 5:30 Monday - Friday & I think everyone has that dream of having their own business.  But I'm afraid.  & Ricky & I talk about it all the time, & he just doesn't feel confident in it yet. 

I mean, photography is a 'iffy' income. 

Right now though, it IS a full time job though.  I have been so blessed with it.  I have a full schedule for 2014 with a waiting list & just yesterday, I had 5 more people trying to squeeze in.  I am blessed.  I'll say it over & over again.... I am blessed.

But I don't like when the blessing turns into a stress.

It's not the job that's a stress.  I love it - I love capturing moments. I love meeting the people. I love giving people memories that last a lifetime.

The stress is time.

Pretty much right now, I'm doing 2 full time jobs.

& my life is taking a hit because of it.

I've got other things going on as well.  My home. My family.  Helping in youth ministry.  Working out, or usually some kind of half marathon training (which if you never trained for a run, you have no idea the time dedicated to it - its sorta ridiculous). 

I can't tell you how much I've missed out in because of doing 2 full time jobs.

I have missed my grandson's birthday parties.
I have missed my own father's last birthday.
I have missed my nephew's graduation.
I have missed a family reunion with family I haven't seen in at least 18 years.

& I see things that aren't getting full attention. 

My home.
My time with my husband & family.
My time for myself to just relax... you don't know how much 'relaxing' means when you don't ever get to do it.
My time with God.

It's crazy how a busy schedule can affect everything around you... how it can affect important things that matter to you.

Can you do it all?... I don't know - I'd like to think you can... but I do know that when you try, something's not getting the full attention.  & something has got to give.

Not sure if I believe this
.... so far, I have been doing everything :)

& truth be told, if I wasn't busy, I'd probably pull my hair out.

So how to balance it all is the thing....

I've been praying about this.  I've got Ricky praying about this.  I'll ask for you to pray about this for me.

I need to learn how to get it all balanced... I need to listen to where God wants me to be... I need peace on all of this... I need to learn its OK to say no.

I feel so bad when I have to say no to clients who want to get in a photo session.  But when I say yes to one thing, I'm saying no to something else...

I just want to do it all... who doesn't?

& this whole post?  It's not to complain. I hope it doesn't sound like I am complaining about anything.  Ok, maybe I am complaining about my dirty house.  I'll always complain about that.  I'll say it again - I am blessed.

I just needed to vent.  To hear someone else tell me its ok to say no. 

I tell Ricky the phone calls & emails I get & the list of things I need to do & he helps me sometimes try to figure it out on the calendar, & he is always the most supportive on everything I do.... & I told him one time, "You know, I think sometimes the best thing I think you can tell me is that its totally OK if I don't do it all."....

Because Ricky & I look like Elena & Damon
... except with red hair...
Does someone else need to hear that today?

It's OK to say no... it's OK to look at your priorities & rearrange it... its OK ... the world isn't going to end.

I need to repeat that to myself all the time lately ....

I just know I can't wait to get my new book in "The Best Yes"

... & I hope I have time to be able to read it.....

Monday, August 18, 2014

The weekend that I read a book....

Another weekend... a little bit of busy & a time to finally slow down... I could get used to that...

Here's some highlights of the weekend....

... after work, I almost went straight home.  But I heard the lure of Starbucks calling my name. I keep hearing that pumpkin lattes are coming out in a few weeks which means the summer flavors will be leaving. I need to get in all my Peach Green Tea Lemonades I can get right now.

... I totally dripped sweat dancing with Michael Jackson Experience on Kinect.  I wore my Polar Monitor & found out I literally burned more calories doing that then PiYo - a work out designed to make you leaner.  Michael Jackson may become my personal trainer.

... Ricky had to work on Saturday, which meant once again a early wake up call on Saturday.  The dogs panic when we leave & when they see one of us leave, they cling to the other.  #pleasedontgo

If my dogs could talk, this is exactly how they would react when they see us putting on shoes

... & once again I am able to clean up part of the house when Ricky is gone.  Today's mission was our bedroom.  My dresser is becoming like the kitchen counter - the catch all of all things tossed at the end of the day. 

... Got to do a photo session with a family that I love.  This was my 3rd time getting to spend time with them.  & they have a new member of the family!  The cutest little boy!  He had the most smiles of any baby I have ever been around. & literally would look at the camera & flash the smile every time.  Model baby!!!

... It's a job just to load & unload my car for a photo session :)

Look how good I treat my cameras - one is just balanced right there on top of my blue bag

...Went over & saw mom & dad.  It was a drizzly raining evening but it was great sitting under their covered porch & listening to the rain & just talking.  I can sit & talk with my mom & dad for hours....

... Worked on pictures & finished editing our pastor & his family's pictures I took the week before.  They took their oldest son & dropped him off at college on Saturday so I knew this momma would need something to make her smile as she was leaving him in his new 'home'

... Merge... where we had a cow's tongue in class.  Yep... a real cow's tongue... I was gagging.  The smell filled the room too.  A room that already smells of teenagers.  Which smells worse?  A toss up :)

... We got to go out & have lunch with our friends & our little Grandbuddy... she's at such a cute age of watching you when you talk to her & trying to 'talk' back. Love it.

... Ricky & I had some things to do but with it being a rainy day, we decided to just go home & relax.  Something I never do.  I made the choice to not even turn on my computer for the day. I grabbed my Kindle, took Sydney on the front porch with me (we both love rainy days on the porch) & Ricky came out with us... & I ended up sitting outside & reading a whole book. I haven't done that in the LONGESTTTTTT time.  I need more 'down days' to just relax. 

... If I Stay... I'm ready to see the movie now

I can't believe its already Monday... I'm a little sad about that...

Where's that petition for 3 day weekends? 

How was your weekend?