Friday, September 19, 2014

Five on Friday: TV Shows that are BACK!

My brain is in shreds... with the busy schedule I have this weekend & the prospect of loosing Sydney in the next few days (she's not doing well at all anymore)... I just have to do a Friday Five that isn't going to kill my brain.

& what's easy on my brain?  TV!  YIPEEE!!! So this Friday, I'm going to do my top 5 shows that I'm excited are coming back... & maybe next Friday, I'll do my NEW shows I'm looking forward to... & maybe I need to do 5 shows I'm kinda over

Five shows I'm looking forward to watching again

1. Dancing with the Stars

if you know me, you expected this show to be #1 on my list. I literally woke up on Monday excited about it starting.  When it got to be about an hour out, I started getting things done around the house & told Ricky not to bother me at all from 8-10.... My buddy even texted me first thing Monday so we could talk about it.

Grabbed your pic Mrs. Auburnchick :)

& it didn't disappoint!  This year, they have an All Access web site that you can watch different cameras & see all around the set.  Behind the scenes stuff & commentary by Lacy, one of the past pros & some of the dancers when they come off the floor.  I loved watching it during commercials, seeing them get the stage ready, or watching the stars in the Red Room, or the judges at their table. 

You have to be a multi-tasker to watch that, watch the feeds on Twitter & keep an eye on the TV for the show... I feel like I'm in a NASA control center.

I am still bitter though that they have a YouTube chick who says she was just a blogger & can't believe she's been picked for this show. HELLO!?!?!?!?  I've been blogging for 7 years... Derek, come knock on my door & give me my own pair of fringe pants please.

2.  The Mindy Project

I love this show.  Mindy Kaling is just funny... & says things I can totally see me saying in real life.  I love that her & Danny are actually a couple on the show too.  That usually messes a show up when the main character gets the guy (New Girl, I'm talking to you)... but I like it on here. 

It started on Tuesday & just the first episode, I am already in love with it all over again.  Can't wait to see what the season holds for our romantic loving girl.

3.  Scandal

I watched the last 2 episodes last night gearing up for the next season. I forgot how intense it was.  Ricky sat next to me complaining the whole time how it was stupid & Olivia is a slut for dating Jake & sleeping with a married man & how dumb the whole thing was. I told him to shut his mouth about anything Olivia Pope & nothing is dumb in the world of Shondra Rimes. 

Portia De Rossi is on this year!  I really loved her on Ally McBeal as a lawyer so I'm looking forward to seeing her as a tough chick in politics this time....

& I'll never tire of seeing the President....

I'm glad its going to be on at 9 instead of 10 this year... but I'll still be up at 10 because ya'll know I'm hanging for the Thursday night ride of Shondra with her new show "How to Get away with Murder"... well, there's one on the list for next week's shows I'm looking forward to.

4. The Walking Dead

I'm all caught up... this was the year I watched all the episodes & have finally gotten to the point where I'm excited for the next season to start up.

I get so nervous though now knowing no one is safe on the show.

I read an article that said that pretty much everyone will die by the end of the show...

NOOO!!!!!!  Darryl can't die... he just can't die... Carl?  Let him go... Rick?  Nope... just can't...

5. The Originals

OK.. so this is my inner 13 yr old side showing, but I love this show.  I have always been a Vampire Diaries kinda girl, but the past few years have just sort of worn on me.  All the Elena & Katherine back & forth stuff... & I know Katherine is 'supposedly' dead.. we'll see... but it just grated on my nerves... the only reason I still watch?  One word... Damon....

But The Originals really took its place for me.  One big word for that?  Elijah ...

It's really good!  A lot better then Vampire Diaries last season.

So I'm excited to see if Season 2 is any better then season 1...

BONUS :  Once Upon a Time

How can I not have this on my list?  Really?

A season with Frozen on it?!?! ... & the promos have Belle in her yellow dress dancing with Rumple!

Oh yeah... The last one was my 13 yr old side... this one speaks to my 7 yr old side...

Runners Up:

* Arrow
* Nashville
* Biggest Loser
* The Goldbergs
* Revenge

What shows are you glad are BACK this season?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

#ProjectThankful14 ... more looms, giant drinks & a new hip!

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
9.11.14 The Loom of all Looms

I am so excited... I am totally getting into this loom thing & got the loom of all looms.
Martha Stewarts loom!
This baby is interchangeable to make different sizes, it has a tighter gauge... you can even WEAVE with it.
I literally just held it & stared like I was holding the best thing ever.
PS... I may or may not have already gone & got another one with a 50% off coupon at Michaels... I want to have extra pegs.. it only makes sense.

09.12.14 Free Drink... as big as yo' head

I never get a Trenta... unless its free with a reward on my Starbucks card.
& when I get them, I forget how freaking BIG they are.
I seriously drank this for 2 days...

09.13.14 Cousin Love


Loved so much seeing my cousin & shooting her maternity pics.
It was a beautiful evening... she was gorgeous... & I got to rub all over that belly of hers & let my 2nd cousin know she's already loved.

9.14.14 New Book

I loved the first book in this series & am so excited to get the next one.
& yes, I do have a Kindle, but I still love holding & having real books sometimes.
Benefits with both.
This book centers around old antique pictures so I really love having the actual book on this one so I can flip back & forth & go to look at the pics over & over.
Can't wait to start reading this one.
My awesome English Teacher friend who knows all about good books told me its better then the first, so I'm even more excited now.

09.15.14 WINNER!!!
I won this cute little bag from Mia over at Make Me Up Mia
 who I just think is fantastic ... go check her out...
I was excited when it came in the mail with a cute little note.
Her note did include a PS - give the dogs a hug.
I guess Harvey Dent wanted his hug ASAP because he wouldn't get out of the picture.
We all know Harvey Dent is destructive so I had to let him smell the bag & remind him this is momma's... not a new toy for Harvey :)

09.16.14 Panera Chili
I found this at Sam's Club last time weekend.  I always get a little scared of trying new things, but OH MY WORD... I'm so glad I tried this.
It has chickpeas in it & it gives every bite like a little crunch.
I love it.
I want to go back & buy a few of these because you are able to freeze the plastic containers.  Perfect quick dinner for winter nights.
09.17.14 Another successful hip
Here's dad after he got back in bed... from walking... with his new hip.
He's now got 2 new hips... he'll be ready to cut a rug here in a few weeks.
The surgery went perfectly & he should be coming home today.
So thankful for a smooth day.
What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Humpday confessions: Hospitals

Today I am in the hospital with my dad as he gets his second hip replacement surgery...

so in his honor, I'll do some confessions about HOSPITALS

I confess...

... the smell of hospitals make me sick

... I'm a germaphobe so I am constantly covering my mouth & using hand sanitizer like its an addiction

... hand sanitizer IS an addiction for me

... I used to be a candy stripper when I was young.  I was excited to buy the candy stripper uniform, but I ended up working in Outpatient Surgery & I had to wear scrubs.  So much for that uniform.

.... I felt like I was somebody in scrubs.

... I want to wear scrubs to work & not have to worry about clothes every day.  I wonder if my office would mind if I did that.

... I had to learn to make coffee for the Outpatient Surgery waiting room.  I'm sorry to anyone that had to wait in that room & drank that coffee.

... I was awful at steering wheelchairs or people in beds... I mean AWFUL much as a germaphobe as I am, blood doesn't bother me.

... the sound of someone getting sick?  That bothers me.  #gagging

... The hospital I was born in, I think has changed its name like 5 times.

... My husband & I were born in the same hospital.  #cute

... Cafeteria food has come a long way, but still grosses me out.

... the hospital my dad gets his body parts replaced at, they wont sell anything but diet soft drinks to cute down on sugar.  Hello?  Don't you know the dangers of artificial sweeteners?  Do I need to inform the doctors & nurses of this?


... I can't stand to see a doctor or nurse outside of the hospital smoking.  Hello health officials - that's bad for you.

... I don't understand how they put 2 people in 1 room.  You're sick enough to be in a hospital & you want strangers next to you? 

... I can't ever imagine being a nurse.  I give props to anyone who does that job.

How I would react if anyone asked me to be a nurse

... I think it would be a cool job to work in Obstetrician ... new babies have to make a job much better.

... ER reality shows intrigue me. You have to see every single thing in a ER... that's probably not a good thing.

... I used to work in a pharmacy in a hospital. I hated it. It was underground of the hospital. I honestly felt like I was in a cave of smothering.

What do you think about Hospitals? 
Have you ever volunteered in a hospital?
Wish my dad luck for his NEW HIP he's receiving today!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Just finished a breakfast of cottage cheese with Stevia & cinnamon on it.  My mom used to make that for me growing up, put on toast & baked in the oven to make crispy.  It's like a high protein, low fat, apple-pie sorta taste.  It's really filling too.


I'm looking at a coffee I made at home ... which was a pain in the butt to make.  I stumble in the kitchen as soon as I wake up to make coffee so it will cool for iced coffee by the time I leave for work.  I went in sleepy eyed, turned it on, get ready to walk out of the kitchen & thought it sounded funny... only to turn around & see that I didn't put a cup under the spout.  So coffee was just pouring right into the little container... thank goodness that caught most of it.  & let me tell you, I woke up QUICK at that point. My ninja skills had me leaping over dogs to get to a cup & throw under the spout... without burning myself.  Whew!


Another car commercial with another Michael Jackson song.  I bet he's rolling in his grave knowing his new songs are bought by Jeep.


I hadn't read Emily Griffin in awhile... I actually haven't read a chick-lit book in awhile.  This one is really good. If I had time to sit & read for a long period of time, I would devour it.  I especially like the girl in this book is a photographer.


A gray gloomy morning.  But its supposed to perk up & the sun is supposed to come out this afternoon.  So I'll keep my eye on the window & wait for it to happen...


To get my Youth lesson done. I'm teaching Sunday & I haven't even started looking at it & planning it out. I'm usually on top of things like this.  Plan weeks ahead... not this time. I've been so overwhelmed with so much going on with photos, with Sydney, with life... I need to get this going... QUICK!


My dad's hip replacement surgery to go well tomorrow.  I want it to go smoothly & as pain free as possible for him.


Giving my last Bride her photos & album.  She was such a beautiful bride. I know she's going to love re-living her day through her pictures.  I always have fun going through the day with them again.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The weekend where I was on an emotional roller coaster

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.  ~John Shirley

Another weekend bites the dust...

It was fun, sad, busy, relaxing... a little bit of everything.

Saturday, Ricky had to work & that usually means I clean my house.  But my morning was going to be busy, so I went ahead & got in my work out.  I did one of the hardest P90X cardio workouts, Plyo... I SO LOVED IT!

I couldn't believe the calorie burn... I may have to do that every day... a few times a day.

But as soon as I got finished with working out & getting cleaned up, it was time to swoop up two of the dogs, Zoe & Bruno & head to the groomers. 

Since its a pretty good drive for us, I just stay down in that area until they are finished.  Well, a big time sucker for my day was they were having a pet adoption fair going on in front of Pet Smart. I just wanted to stay there all day & love on the dogs. 

I actually found an Aussie mix that I was just drawn too.  Ricky had gotten off work & I had him meet me over there to look at her.  Her name was Dottie & she was beautiful.  All the other dogs were barking & throwing a fit... she was just laying here sleeping, never heard her bark one time. So we talked to the people about her. She was 2 years old ... & the reason she wasn't barking?  She's hearing impaired.... bless her heart.  They said she's so sweet & laid back & she does get along well with other dogs, but she doesn't play.  They said other dogs try to get her to play & she just looks at them & says, Nah & lays down & watches.  We are wanting a play buddy for Harvey Dent to wear his butt out & this probably wouldn't be a good fit then. 

Praying Dottie finds a perfect home for her

But mercy... do you know how hard it is to walk away from a dog that needs a home?  Some people find it as no problem. I seriously wanted to cry.  When I came back to pick up Zoe & Bruno, they had adopted SO MANY animals - I was so glad to see that.. .but I wanted to say, OK, everyone left behind, just pile 'em in my car.... #nodogleftbehind

While waiting, I also spend part of my time in Michaels finding more yarn.  I am looking for a project to work on Wednesday during dad's next hip replacement surgery day... & so far, I've bought like 4 projects worth of yarn.  Good excuse to keep buying yarn.

I headed home with Bruno asleep in my car & Zoe ended up hitching a ride home with Ricky & we had stopped at Sam's Club - so that was a huge unloading of the car... & as soon as I got the last item out of my car, I put my camera bag back in & headed right back out...

I went to do a Maternity session for my baby cousin.  I have tons of cousins on my mom's side... so many, I literally have no idea how many there are... my dad's side of the family? I have 2.  & Jasmine is the baby.  I remember when she was born, my mom coming & getting me from middle school & being at the hospital when she made her entrance.  She was a Jr. Bridesmaid at my own wedding & I have just loved her since the beginning...

My grandmother with Jasmine on her first Christmas

So to do her maternity pictures was so cool for me.  It was a perfect day for it too.  Cool, no humidity... perfect sunlight as it was setting...

I just can't wait to see this little girl in November...

Sunday had us with our usual Merge class.  The cool weather had the kids all fired up. I think we talked 90% about video games... or let me state this right... they talked about video games.  Me & 1 other girl just sort of sat with confused looks on my face. I let Ricky steer that conversation.

We ran out & grabbed a quick lunch & headed back 'up the hill' (how everything is know around our area) & went to see my niece Madi play some B-Ball... well, we at least tried. 

She got in the game in the 2nd quarter & wasn't in it for 1 minute & some girl ran into her knocking her down & she fell right on her knee... & back to the sidelines she goes with an ice pack... So much for that...

That's her in the red shirt on the left...

I told Ricky she gets hurting her knee from her awesome aunt...

Ricky & I had some more errands to run & then he wanted to pick up a pizza for supper later that night.  We ordered from a place that is like a local staple... & we have never ordered from there.  I think the whole town gasps when I say that... but that streak is now broke... & it was really yummy.  We'll be back... maybe in another 13 years.

Waiting for our pizza

The rest of Sunday looked like a lot of Sydney loving... She's just not doing well... She's just not eating any more & everything is a fight to get it down her.  I say that, but she'll actually take weird things every now & then. Pizza crust, pepperoni... but not the amount of food a dog her size should be eating.  She sleeps deep...

Ricky puts applesauce on his finger & lets her lick it
... she thinks she's just cleaning him...

We took her back on the front porch & she just is so happy there...

We think it's time to let her go, but then she'll watch TV & bark at the dogs on there & perk up when we talk to her & love on her... you just don't ever know when its time to make 'that call'... such a final decision... you have to know for sure... it feels like its getting there... but its still not easy...

sometimes life sucks...

But we love every minute we have with her...

So yeah, the weekend was full of every sort of emotion... told you...

& here we go into another week...
How was your weekend?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Phone Cases

What I want...

Having a new phone - one that is current - I can actually find phone cases now for it. My last one was so old, you never could find a case in the store & the ones you could find on line were just plain ugly ones.  So I've spent WAY too much time online looking at cute phone covers - especially Beauty & the Beast ones.

The problem?  I'm too afraid to get any of them.  I keep my phone in one of those safety cases so if you drop it, it keeps it safe.  Why can't they make those in a pretty style?  I'm going on Shark Tank with that idea....

What I'll use...
Safety First

2. Ring Tones

Speaking of phones, I am on the hunt for a good place for free ring tones.  I have no patience so I did go on Verizon's site & buy two. I have to have KISS play when Ricky calls.  I used to have "I was made for Loving you" playing on my old phone but was so excited when I saw they had "Forever" available. That was played at our wedding & is kinda our KISS song....

& the other ring tone?  A given... Steven Curtis Chapman.  When anyone calls, "Glorious Unfolding" plays.  BEST SONG!

I'm still on the hunt for a good Beauty & the Beast song... & I always need a Wizard of Oz song when my mom calls.

3. Cardigan

Its going to actually feel like Fall today & this weekend... & all of next week.

I wasted no time.  I already am wearing my black cardigan. 

Cardigans are my favorite fall wear ... all the way through winter... into Spring.

Can't ever get enough.  & it begins today!  YAHOO!!!!


I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  Always have since the days of Elaine.  She's just funny... so when I saw her again on the latest award show & her kiss with Bryan Cranston... love him too... I thought, I need to find this show & watch it.  So I just finished season 1... & goodness, I forgot how amazingly awesome that lady is.  I love funny ladies.

5.  Dancing with the Stars

Everyone is all excited that Football season is here... I'm all excited that Dancing with the Stars starts Monday. After all this time, its still one of my favorite shows.  I always love the first night to see who has any sort of chance of winning... any sort of rhythm. 
Every year when it starts, I always think if I should live-blog it again. I always loved doing that... just wonder if anyone else cares about the show anymore but me... & my buddy Nathalie ;)   I know I have one DWTS buddy out there in this world.  That's good enough... someone I can text & say, "Did you just see that?!?!?"... everyone needs someone like that. :)

Do you have a fancy phone cover? ... & aren't afraid of breaking your phone?
Do you have a fun ring tone?
Are you a cardigan gal?
Are you a VEEP fan?
Will you be watching Dancing with the Stars?