Monday, April 21, 2014

The weekend I finshed another half marathon....

Just because you know it's going to deserve a post all in itself, I'll post my race recap tomorrow...

But the weekend was busy enough... here we go...


* Headed to the race expo & so glad I did.  First of all, a TV camera crew followed me to pick up my race packet & filmed me picking it all up.  Not even sure which station it was, & I'm sure it was just for a quick snippet because they didn't even ask my name... but you should have seen me. I was the happiest & smiling-est person EVER to pick up a race packet.... even kept my posture more straight.

* Found a display that you paid to have them tape up parts of your body.  Now, y'all know I believe in my KT Tape.  This was different.  It was called Spider Tech - & it came pre-cut to whatever body part you need.  They would apply it as well.  BEST $10 SPENT IN MY LIFE!  The lady put it on me (... its actually still on, even after the race & showers & Easter & everything else....) & it has made ALL the difference in the world.  Can I find this woman & visit her every week?  I would totally do it!

*   Also found a few gadgets I've been looking at in Running Magazines... I was giddy walking out with all my new things from the expo.

* Ricky's first question on the phone when I told him everything I found - "How much did you just spend?" ... $15.00 ... anyone that has read "The Antelope in the Living Room" will get that $15.00 reference :)

*  The best part of race eve night?  CARBS!! YES YES YES!!!
Makes me want to run a race every weekend
(maybe not)

* I never sleep well on race night... but I've been so exhausted during the whole week doing so much, I was out like a light by 10:00 watching "Say Yes to the Dress"... thank you Randy for your soothing voice


* I was already up, had breakfast made & ate & was getting dressed before Ricky even woke up.  I was ready to go....

* I don't want to go into too many details of the race because I'll post tomorrow... but YEP.. I finished... & had Ricky by my side from mile 11 to the finish... So thankful he was there. 

* People everywhere had flowers for their family that was crossing the finish line.  I thought it was the cutest though - Ricky had called me when I was at mile 10 & said, "Do you want an iced coffee?" ... (he knows my new obsession with that) & I said, "If I drink an iced coffee right now, I'm going to puke like the Exorcist"... he said OK... so when we cross the finish line, he said, I didn't have flowers for you, but I wanted to give you an iced coffee because I know you liked that better".... ahhh - just the thought of him wanting to do that made me so happy

* We headed to McAllister's for lunch... & yes, I wore my medal in for lunch.  Duh!

* I wasn't the only one - there was a table with about 5 people wearing medals.  It's like a private club where you all smile at each other & say, "Yeah, we deserve to eat"

* What do you do after you run a half marathon?  Head to Sam's club... luckily I brought a pair of slide on shoes... I had a blister the size of a quarter on my foot (you'll hear ALL about it in the recap) & my foot was KILLING ME... but those shoes helped & I was able to limp around Sam's Club.  Mostly just telling Ricky where I would shuffle & told him to find me when he was done looking at what he wanted to see.

* I got home, was able to shower off & then had to immediately head to church for our Easter Skit practice.  I didn't know my body could hold up under so much.

* Ricky & I headed out to dinner & my body was tightening up.  My inner thighs were the only thing that really hurt & by the end of the night, I had to literally lift my leg up with my hands to even get in the car... it was bad...

* Tangled ... I'll watch it every time its on

* I went to bed scared to death I was not going to be able to move the next day & I had this huge Easter skit...


* EASTER MIRACLE!! I woke up in NO PAIN!! (except my stupid foot blisters)... my legs were good, my back was good, everything was great.  I told Ricky, if there was any day for a miracle, it was on Easter.

* Yep, every Easter, people dress so beautifully & in dresses & look so SPRING... me?  This is what I got to look like on Easter...

You think I'm joking?
I'm serious...
DEAD serious...
No pun intended

* The Easter skit went perfectly!  So proud to be a part of it & to be a part of it with some amazing people

Yes, I'm holding a knife... looking happy

* I got to work down in the children's ministry during the 2nd service & it was so fun to see Ricky make a new buddy....

* That little dude was giving Ricky knuckle bumps & would just stare at me like I was crazy when I tried to make him give me one.  Boy Power was in full force.

* My family didn't do Easter lunch this year, so Ricky & I went out & ate at Logan's... everything was empty ... & a LOT of places were closed (which we loved to see places closed for the holidays)... but it was like a private little lunch for us...

In a steak house, Peanuts are my protein :)

* Came home & just enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.  Ricky cut the grass & I read my Dorothy Must Die book (its SOOOO good)... the dogs were glad we were home.

* Julie's Birthday!!  She said she got to celebrate good in Nashville with her glad.  She said her birthday only has hit on Easter one other time & it will hit only one more time in her 'projected' life time... who knows?  She's a scientist... she may make a cure to life to 200 & then she may get another Easter Birthday in there :)

* Tangled... again...

* YES!! Finishing up the wedding pictures... whew... I don't have to sit in front of the computer for the whole week every night I get home... my arm & my eyes are already saying Thank you.

*Ended my night with the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion... nothing like ending a Holy Day with some girls cat fighting, pulling on weaves...

Side Note.... after the half marathon, & after that physical skit - I woke up today feeling GOOD!... I am in shock. I was expecting a full body cast kinda feeling today.  Thumbs up for training!

Now, let's root on the Boston Marathon runners today & pray for safety!!!

How was your weekend?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Its Friday... Good Friday....
Remembering what Jesus went through today...
always holds sadness....


I can't believe Easter is this weekend!
Easter is probably one of my favorite holidays

The excitement of what the day is about
It doesn't get better then that


Speaking of Easter - I'm totally 100% not prepared for it.
I have been so busy with pictures & getting everything together for a half marathon
which is the DAY BEFORE Easter
(stupid... stupid planning)

Not to mention, I'm in a skit 2 times at Easter Service
& its a very PHYSICAL skit..
& I'll just be finishing 13.1 miles.

We're going to practice for hours on Saturday - just 3 hours after I cross the finish line
& then I'm pretty sure I'm going to die...


Everyone is out of the office today

Good Friday, I think we should be closed - personally...

But I'm the one stuck behind
but that's OK.

A quiet office makes a happy office

I can dance all I want today in my office


So if some of you didn't see on my Facebook or Instagram page
Mr.Hubs has been bit by a spider & is on antibiotic patrol.

His leg is horrible.  I've never seen anything like it.
His ankle has been swollen so much you can't see the bone, & the red rash is growing & venturing around to the other side of his leg.
It's a mess

& Ricky is just like me... he hates medicine...
so he hasn't been taking his medicine correctly.

The doctor told him if its not any better, he'll need an antibiotic shot right in the middle of it.  I think he'd rather do 10 of those then take pills.
Can't say I blame him.

Stupid spiders


I secretly think Ricky just wanted to try & become Spiderman

Just my theory


So my mom may have a little fit when she sees the book I'm reading right now...

It's called 'Dorothy Must Die'

& mercy, its pretty darn good!!!!

It's the story of Dorothy, who didn't enjoy life in Kansas, going back to Oz
& sort of taking over.  Taking advantage of the magic in the land...
& another girl gets swept up in a tornado & she's there to free Oz & all the residents from the harsh treatment of Dorothy.

I can't wait to see how this is going to end!!!


I heard this book is actually in talks of becoming a tv show on The CW Network

I'd watch that


I need more time to read.

I'm catching pages of my book as I walk around my house from room to room.

I used to be able to read a book in like a week.
With my schedule lately, I'm good to do a book in 1 month.

& this book is like 500 pages.
Maybe by the end of the year I'll be done


If you haven't seen this yet, its adorable... & the best..

I have watched it over & over & laughed till I cry.

They take kids & let them just talk about something, let their imagination run wild, & then the adults act out what they say.


(Just think about Jesus & say a prayer)... my favorite part

I'm going to say that tomorrow in my half marathon over & over
"You just gotta keep going"


There are like hundreds of these videos.

Here's another one of my favorites where they actually got Josh Groban to do it!!!
How cool is that!!!?

If you're bored, just go to YouTube & search "Kid Snippets" & just enjoy....

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday
& a Blessed Easter!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


"Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality."
~Alfred Painter
04.10.14 Check the Girls
Gotta stay up on the mammograms...
& got mine done for another year.
I felt like a ninja in my gown... it wrapped just like my old Kung Fu Gi
Good thing I didn't come out kicking & punching
04.11.14 Worshipping with thousands
There's something so amazing when you are in a room with thousands of people & they are all lifting up songs of praise to our Heavenly Father. 
I always like to take a minute to just look around & soak it all in.
It's powerful... an arena full of God loving people.
04.12.14 FRONT ROW!!!!
So much fun!  Chris Tomlin concert... in the front row...
This will go down as one of my favorite concerts
... & one of the most fun...
with some of the coolest ladies I know!
04.13.14 Spring is showing her face
Yes, we had snow the day after this picture was taken....
BUT Spring is popping up
& its gotta stick sooner or later
... God's beauty in creation is so amazing..
04.14.14 Disney Night
Yes, I was thankful for Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars
... I'm sick like that...
It was so cute though - I told Ricky, "LOOK!!! Someone is dressed like Belle"
he looked over at me & so naturally said,
"No, they are dressed like you"
... he knows how to swoon me...
04.15.14 Blue Skies on a Winter Spring Day
I refused to pull out my winter coat.
This Spring day only had a high in the 40's (lows in the 20's)
but the beautiful blue skies reminded me that the cold will soon go away
04.16.14 Whew!
Got my mammogram results back (that was fast!)
& its always a relief to get an 'all clear' on these sorts of things.
I saw mine was clear & I instantly had to pray for those who do not get that news.
So many who are fighting Breast Cancer
I pray they all get a paper that says this same thing again
So what are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Top 5 Disney Movies ... with lots of pics...

Did anyone sit in anticipation & excitement watching Dancing with the Stars this past week when it was Disney week?  I know I wasn't alone... even if you don't want to admit it.

Danica made a perfect Belle, while Val was the cutest Beast EVER!
It's no secret that I'm a little in love with Disney... & have a SLIGHT obsession with Beauty & the Beast...

But I also love other Disney movies.  I actually have always said I have a top 5 movie list of my favorites.  It actually has to be moved around because Frozen has to be in there now.  So which one gets bumped?  ... we'll let's look at my top 5 (+1 that's getting booted to #6)

New One - Frozen

I was instantly in love with it as soon as it started out with a dramatic beginning & a song sang with the cutest little voice ever.... I still sing "Do you wanna build a snowman" in the most random parts of my day.

But a story that kinda stepped it up & showed that you don't need a Prince to save you.  The love between sisters is powerful.  Not to mention, we get a Queen in this one ... who can sing & have awesome hair & change her clothes to make her look HOT... Yep, definitely in my top five

Now to my original top 5

#5 The Emperor's New Groove

This one just cracks me up.  David Spade as a Disney character?  Who even thought of that?  They get props!  He has the perfect whiney voice to play the spoiled king, Kuzco,  who only thinks of himself. 

& to get Catwoman to play Yzma?  Awesome! 

But my favorite is Kronk.  I love an evil character that has good in them.  & how do you not like a guy who can talk squirrel?

I think this movie gets overlooked.  Not one you see a lot on ABC Family or on TV.  But I love it.   Just rewatched it the other day when I was on my treadmill & still laughed like the first time. 

This movie also gives me one of my lines I use all the time... "No Touch-y"

#4 - Mulan

Here's another "Princess" that you don't ever see a lot of.  Maybe because she's not really a "Princess" ... the dude she ends up in love with is in the military, not a royal.  But hey, she was inducted in Disney World's Princess gang.

This is the one with a tough girl who wants to protect her father & her family's honor.  Plus, let's add in Donny Osmond singing (& they called it Puppy Love), a fantastic song by Christina Aguilera, & Eddie Murphy as a tiny lizard dragon who is flat HILARIOUS in this movie & it's a winner.

I can break out at any time & sing every word to "I'll make a man out of you" ...

Maybe it's all my years in Kung Fu that makes me love this movie

When we were in Disney (back forever ago in 2000) Mulan was fairly new so I was giddy excited when we saw her in the parade.  I wonder if little girls love her today.  If not, they should.  GIRL POWER!

#3 - Enchanted

I know its not a cartoon, technically... but it is a Disney movie, with a Princess & a tribute to all the Disney movies. 

Plus Patrick Dempsey... come on... say no more.

This movie now has me loving Amy Adams & anything else she ever does in life.

I love to watch this movie & call out which movie they are giving tribute too.  Ricky REALLY loves when I do that... every time... (sarcasm)

The song "So Close"... I used to have it as my ring tone before I changed phones.  Its one of my favorite Disney songs ever.  When Robert starts singing it to Giselle while dancing?  I still get teary eyed.

And this is the 2nd movie in my top five that has Idina Menzel... but the sad thing, she doesn't even sing in this one.  Not cool!

#2 Tangled

I actually didn't even see this movie when it first came out, but when I did, I can't get enough of it. 

The hair, the horse, the smolder.... Flynn Rider is fantastic.  Not your ordinary Disney guy.  & I love that she's the Princess who makes HIM the Prince... GIRL POWER again!

This movie makes me want to also go get in a boat & watch lanterns rise...

I love that this movie is about sacrifice too.  Flynn, for all the greedy ways about him, is willing to give up everything for Rapunzel's freedom.  When he cuts her hair, oh golly geez...

& this movie is also proof that brunette's can be just as cute as blonds...

Not to mention, she knits in this movie!  SCORE 1 for Knitting!!!

#1 Beauty & the Beast
I know this isn't even a surprise...

Yep - after all these years, nothing will ever kick this movie out of my favorite #1 spot.

I've always had a thing for the story of Beauty & the Beast... a girl who sees the beauty inside.  I loved the TV show, loved the book growing up.  & the cartoon was perfect.

I love that Belle is a smart girl, a reader who loves books... a girl that can be swayed by giving her a library over any other possession in the world...

I love she loves her father...
I love she has enchanted friends who sing to bring her dinner...

I love Lumiere is a flirt even as a candle...
I love the Beast has a heart that knows how to love...
I love how the Beast saves Belle from the wolves & she in return saves him...
I love yellow ballroom gowns...
I love dancing under big chandeliers...

I love that she begs him not to leave her...
I love that he turns into someone who looks just like my husband...

Come on... red hair & bright eyes...that's Ricky right there

I just love everything about this movie...

Yep - it will always be #1 ...
So what are your top favorite Disney movies?